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The Santee Indian Mound

2 August 2011 2,965 views No Comment

The Santee Indian Mound is a prehistoric ceremonial burial mound for the Santee Indians. Some sources say that the mound was first built between 1200 to 1500 AD. Other sources put the mound at older than 20,000 years, based on carbon-dating. One thing’s for sure though. No matter how old this mound is, it was definitely a very important place for the various agricultural villages along Santee River. It served both as a location for their tribal ceremonies and the subsequent burial of tribe members, gathering members from the different villages in the area.

What’s interesting is aside from being a significant cultural artifact for the Santee Indians, it has also been a silent witness in the American Revolution as the British forces built a military outpost right on the mound. Then called Fort Watson, it also became the location of the Battle of Fort Watson where “Swamp Fox” Gen. Francis Marion and Lt. Col. Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee laid siege to the fort.

The Santee Indian Mound is just one of many mounds that used to be in the area. Unfortunately, a lot of them have been destroyed in the name of progress. That’s why it became important to protect this one. Thankfully, as it lies on federal property within the Santee Wildlife Refuge, it’s protected and preserved for future generations.

Because of its long history, it has not been unheard of for visitors to the mound to feel a strong protective energy emanating from it. Curious? Why don’t you try to unravel the mysteries of the Santee Indian Mound yourself by dropping by. While receiving messages from the universe is not a guarantee, you’re assured of an interesting day exploring and discovering more about the mound and the people who built it.

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